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"Bluebell" Bodycon Dress"Bluebell" Bodycon Dress

  • Meet the Owner 💜

    Hello all, my name is Tiffany Smith-Stepney. I decided to open my boutique in memory of my mother who indeed loved all things fashion. The love of clothes and fashion was one thing that I shared with my mom. So, I wanted to keep that passion alive and share it with the world.

  • About Our Boutique 🏪

    Nonnie's Boutique LLC is a place where you'll find fashionable and stylish apparel and accessories that won't break the bank. Our promise is that you'll find a little bit of something for everyone including women, kids, and soon men. Rather you need to be dressed up or dressed down, Nonnie's Boutique will get you right. 💕

  • About Nonnie 😇

    This is my mother Tanya "Nonnie" Reddick. She passed away in December of 2010. She enjoyed spending time with her grandchildren and SHOPPING. Anyone that knew her, knew she loved anything to do with fashion. She stayed dressed from head to toe and was always in somebody's store shopping for anything she can make fashionable. My mom would call me and say, "Girlll guess what I just got." And it didn't matter what anyone else thought, if she liked it she bought it. So I've decided what better way to honor my mom's name and memory than with a fashion boutique.